Working with our Content Management Service

We use Box, a cloud-based file management service for our needs.  It allows us to share content with our clients and with each other.

Based on our review of Box's Terms of Service, Ascendion Law is satisfied that Ascendion Law owns the content that we store on the server.  However, Ascendion Law has allowed Box the right to transmit, use, and disclose our client's content to the extent necessary to provide the Box service.  By this, we understand that Box needs this consent so that we can share content with our clients, with individuals whom we send documents through web links, and when we allow the previewing of documents through browsers.

We highlight Box's reservation of rights under American law to comply with the request of governmental and regulatory bodies, including subpoenas and court orders, as otherwise required by law, or to respond to an emergency which Box believes in good faith requires Box to disclose information to assist in preventing the death or serious bodily injury of any person.

We include a link to Box's privacy policy.  Ascendion Law is satisfies that it complies with our requirements to keep our client's information confidential.

We take regular backups of our data to ensure that we always have a reasonable record kept domestically on premises if Box should cease operations.

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